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Table Settings

Part of throwing a great party is having decorations. If you are hosting a dinner, you will need to consider your table settings. The type of meal you are serving and the formality of the party will determine how you set your table. Decorate your “tablescape” according the theme, type, and season of your party. You can choose a delicate floral arrangement or a modern minimalist approach. Have fun with it, and tailor it to your party and your guests.

Hosting Your Party

Hosting a party can be intimidating and stressful. Worries about people showing up and their being enough food for everyone are only some of the concerns you may have as a host. However, hosting doesn’t have to be a chore. Parties are about having fun. Your job as a host is to lead by example and help others enjoy your party. This means introducing unacquainted friends, ensuring everyone has been served, and leading the activities (if there are any). If you are having fun, it is likely your friends are too. Be considerate and aware of your guests, and you are sure to have a successful social.

Party Favors

Everyone likes getting gifts. Set your party apart with unique party favors to send home with your guests. Depending on the theme and type of party, your favors can include a tasty treat or a more sophisticated gift (e.g. scented soap or candles). Be creative!